The Town of Gibsons is a pioneer in Natural Asset Management, which places Nature and the civil services Nature delivers, at the core of the Town’s infrastructure network.

In Gibsons, these natural assets include:

  • our Aquifer, which stores and delivers pure drinking water;
  • our creeks and forests, which help manage storm water and prevent flooding, and;
  • the foreshore, which acts as a natural seawall and protects the Town from rising seawaters.

As the most important element of our community’s well-being, water – and how to best manage it – are always top of mind for Gibsons’ staff and council.

The Water Balance Express aligns perfectly with this mindset, showing landowners how to capture, store and slowly release the right amount of rainwater into the ground to help replenish aquifers, streams and rivers.

If every property owner implements some of the simple steps shown in the Water Balance Tool, our watersheds will regain some of their lost balance and our region will be more resilient to weather and climactic extremes.

Give the Water Balance Express a try and find out what changes you can make on your property to help restore healthy water balance in Gibsons!